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Most people have heard about people in China eating anything. Well it’s true. On the menu of some restaurants you can find dog, rabbit, snake and frogs for example and they eat every part, from brain to intestines. In Yulin there is even a large festival that promotes the horrible tradition of dog eating. Gladly there are more and more people demonstrating against this phenomenon each year, which has saved thousands of dogs already.

Stop Yulin Dog Meat Festival

So where do they get the dogs? Many of them are street dogs, but quite often they also abduct pets. They will drive by a dog and spray something in its face which makes him dizzy and fall over. Then they just scoop up the dog with a bag and then drive off…they only need half a minute.

Having live frogs stacked up,  crabs tied in bundles  and fish floating in tanks for sale in a supermarket seems odd to me, but is very common and not considered a bad thing in any way in China. It gives them the freshest, handpicked food ever, since the animal is usually still alive when paid for at the register.


Although using animals for entertainment is common in many countries (circus, elephant riding etc), they seem to take it to the next level over here. Can you imagine being picked up and dropped hundreds of times a day before being eaten? Poor things

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It is becoming more and more common to own pets.  Most pet owners have small dogs, since pretty much everybody lives in apartments. But since it is the first generation that has pets, they are not yet educated on responsibilities and needs of pets. So whe they realise they have to walk with the dog three times a day and that the vet bills are high, they get dumped. The older generation has quite some people that don’t like dogs and will put food in the bushes in your community filled with rat poison. It has happened to quite some of my friends’ dogs. They are dead in a few hours. Sadly this is a thing dog owners in China deal with daily.

Another horrible thing happening lately is cutting the vocal cords of dogs, so they can’t bark any more. This is done by someone on a square and only takes a few seconds.  Glad to hear that unlicensed vets are not allowed to do this any more…..


A few more facts:

*Gold fish are kept in vases with plants or flowers as decoration instead of marbles.

*Make up has to be tested on animals by law in China.

*You can buy any kind of fur, even from cats!

So if I could give any advise to pet owners in China, be careful! Not everybody likes your pet! Keep your dog on a leash and your cat inside the house. And please, don’t buy pets, but adopt them, there are so many poor souls out there waiting for a forever home.