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High on my to see list was Shanghai. What a magnificent view you’ve got from the Bund()! I must have stood there for hours. Too bad there were 10.000 other people in the same spot wanting to take the same picture at the same time… So yes, you need a bit of patience to get to the front of the fence and then you can take gorgeous pictures, prettiest at night. The Bund sightseeing tunnel is a total laugh and not worth your money unless you are three years old. It might be a blast at that age.

This city is a great place to go clubbing. Most clubs you have to pay an entrance fee, but sometimes it includes a drink. Drinks are overpriced in some of the “classy” places. Bars with views on the Bund are nice for one or two drinks, but after that you’re bound to be broke. If you want to experience China, avoid the “foreigner street”. They didn’t just come up with this name. The only Chinese were the policemen(not kidding!). Other than that foreigners all around, I could have been anywhere in the world.


Shanghai is shopping heaven! Yuyuan Bazaar (豫园市场) is the best place to buy souvenirs You will not be the only tourist there, so be prepared for long lines to get food for example. Yu Garden connected to this market is beautiful and definitely worth the 30 rmb entrance fee.

Shopping street Nanjing lu() Is nice and has many hotels and hostels around. If your hotel is close by, you’re good to go almost anywhere on foot. The Bund is found at the end of this street. More shopping and strolling you can do at Xintiandi Lanes 新天. Nice place to get some (non-Chinese) food and a good beer. The French Concession is an amazing area with lovely boutique shops and little coffee shops. I also found a cat coffee shop, where you can cuddle the cats while enjoying your coffee. Huge hipster alert, but I loved it!

My guilty pleasure of this trip was Shanghai Disney! It just opened one month before I got there.  It gives you the same experience as in every Disney park, crowded, long lines, overpriced drinks and food, but soooo worth it! I especially loved the “soaring over the horizon”. There is a metro stop near the entrance and just make sure you arrive before the park opens, so you can hurry to the most popular attractions first to avoid waiting too long. One day is plenty to do all the rides and see some of the shows. Such a funny experience to see the “Frozen” show in Chinese. I couldn’t stop laughing at the girl next to me who was literally screaming the words to her favorite songs.  I also saw the pirates of the Caribbean show with Jieke (Jack Sparrow), but sadly missed the Tarzan show. A Chinese man with muscles? Can’t believe I didn’t see that!

I gave Shanghai 6 days, but that was way too long. You can see it in three days, including a Disneyday.