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Today a blog about some things that people from outside China would consider strange. Here, these are perfectly normal things. I just took a few, because I can think of hunderds more!

  • People sleep anywhere, anytime. On the job, on the street, in a club, Seen it all!
  • When you ask for some water, you will get warm water. No, not tea, just warm water.
  • They don’t say “bless you” when someone sneezes. Or any Chinese equivalent.
  • Cutting the line is not considered rude.
  • You buy your fish, crabs, frogs etc very fresh and alive at the supermarket and by the time you reach the cash register they may have died…or not….
  • When a woman has her period she is not allowed to eat ice cream, drink cold water, have alcohol etc etc. Many restrictions, like you are not suffering enough!
  • Tampons are hard to find in China. Chinese women do not use them at all.
  • Drivers honk all the time. Danger! Hot girl! I’m passing! Hello! I’m here, did you see me? Even when the sign clearly says: No honking.
  • Eating every part of the animal. Including but not limited to: head, brains, liver, lungs, heart, claw, etc.
  • The doctors first advise, whatever problem you may have from stomach ache to broken arm to sight problems is: Drink hot water.
  • All employees get a speech in the morning where they stand in line and listen to the boss. You see this everywhere.
  • After washing dishes, they put it in a machine to kill the germs. Washing is not considered clean.
  • Nobody owns a clothes dryer. All is hung on the balcony, which gives the neigboorhood color.
  • No dishwashers, although the rich are getting one these days, it’s not common at all.
  • Squad toilets everywhere. They are healthier apparently because of your squatting position and you don’t have to sit on a seat that is full of germs. I get it, but man, how uncomfortable! I got a western style toilet installed on top of the hole in my apartment.
  • The whole bathroom is wet when you shower, since there is no shower curtain usually. Water drains in the hole/toilet. So showering while shitting is an option for those who want to give it a try. 😉


  • Almost all men smoke, women hardly ever smoke (until a few years ago it was considered for lowlife ladies, nowadys it’s accepted)
  • Racism / stereotypes is okay. They will say you’re fat without blinking. Or say you are ugly because you’re “black”. This is not a problem here and not considered very rude. 
  • Friendships seems to be more networking and using each other. They don’t really hang out for fun usually. This they do with their parents and grandparents
  • You never get one plate of food for yourself, always sharing style which I love!