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In a previous post I told you about the best places to see in the City of Chongqing. This time I’ll start again in the centre, but also write about the counties and more urban areas worth a visit.

Red wine, green tea or a milkbath? These are options at the hotspring in Shapingba, next to the Radisson hotel. Bishan also has a pretty one which is more natural than the previous mentioned, but there are many more good ones. Best time to go is in winter with average water temperatures of 39 degrees Celsius.

Chongqing has to big rivers that meet in the heart of the city. The Yangze (brown) and Jialing (green) river. Two rivers meeting point in Chaotianmen (朝天门) is a nice place to go for some pictures or an hour river cruise at night. The walk from jiefangbei to this point is wonderful with lots of shops, foodstands and little alleys.


Eling viewing pagoda. Line 1, city centre. Entrance of the park is a little difficult to find(exit turn right, 5/10 minute walk, entrance on your left side), but once you find it, it will definitely be worth your while. The pictures you can take on a clear day are gorgeous! Yes, I did take this picture myself, with a phone camera.


Garden expo park (20 rmb), lightrail stop line 3 with the same name. It can be a bit of a walk, but if you prefer a golfcart, that’s also possible for a small fee. It will give you the chance to hop on twice. There is also a boat taxi available, which is a nice little trip. (10 rmb) Don’t waste your time on the “international ” gardens, they are poorly maintained and not half as pretty as the Asian gardens.

Dazu (大足石刻) 1,5-2 hours drive from the city center. Rockcarvings on the list of UNESCO world heritage list. Breathtakingly beautiful!120 rmb) Don’t try the public transport unless you are fluent in Mandarin. I got a taxi for the day for 400 rmb (quite cheap, not strange if they ask more), he drove there, waited for us and drove back.

Wulong, a 4 hour drive (yes, you are still in Chongqing). It has a few famous touristy spots like the caves, fairy mountain and  three natural bridges geopark. Once you’re there, don’t miss out on the Impression of Wulong show! (240rmb) I will do a separate blog on Wulong sometime soon.

Fengdu ghost town (see my post about this place). Best to visit with a guide or someone who speaks Chinese.

Liangjiang international movie city, where you can dress up as an communist soldier and even take a picture with the one and only Mao Zhedong;) . It is about a 1,5 to 2 hour drive from the city centre and funny to see if you have enough time. I especially enjoyed the cat café…. The park has only recently opened (2017) and public transport is not convenient yet.

Changshou is a wonderful lake and a good daytrip activity. In spring and early summer, they have little windmills out which make for beautiful pictures. (So, look closely, they’re not flowers!) You can get there by train and vans are waiting at the station to take you to the lake for only 5 kuai. I bought a package deal on the spot with boat trip, cart transfer between scenic spots and entrane to the park for 110 kuai.

Still haven’t covered everything to see and do in Chongqing, but I hope you made a fun to-do list after reading my blogs. Again let me know if you have any questions on how to get to any of these places or anything else. I would be glad to answer!