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What’s Taobao? Only the greatest website on earth! You can find anything you wish to buy on here. I get my Dutch cheese, Belgium beers and cat food on this website for example. But…those items are way to common. Let me show you some of the strange ones I have come across…

You can type in English, but you get more hits if you first translate it into Chinese. Then you’ll have even more hits and can find your items cheaper. Here are some of my favorites in the category animals.

Who doesn’t need a bucket full of rats? Very useful,  but not as classy as a dog umbrella. The bag I have actually already seen in real life….poor cat! I can imagine the use of the plastic caps on the cat’s nails, but again…poor cat! But seriously, what’s up with the chicken ears? I would never go on a holiday again if I had the beach right in my home…(picture underneath)

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To set up an account  and save your details, you really need some help if you don’t read Chinese. You will also need a Chinese phonenumber and bankaccount connected to Alipay. But once that’s done, you can get it all delivered to your house.

Here some hilarious, random ones. Let me know which one is your favorite! I’m waiting for the hip version of the nose slimmer…I’ll buy that one! And to be honest I am pretty tempted to get the ostrich pillow. Many people (including me) take a powernap during their break with their head on the desk. This is ingenious!

I just typed in “bed” to give you an example of crazy options you get when you search for a pretty common object. Apple, heart, swan or butterfly shaped bed? No problem. Rather sleep in a ship or SM bed, they’ve got it all! I rest my case. (rest-bed, I know, I never stop being funny!)

The orange icons are the ones you’ll use most.  First one means you have items in your shopping cart, but not paid yet. Second one is paid and your order is received by the store. Third one means your order is on the way (click on this one and you can track your items). Number 4 you click on to confirm you received your package and the last one is to give your review by assigning stars per item. Enjoy your shopping spree and let me know if you have any questions on how to use the app.