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Ahhh, Chongqing (pronounced tsjungtsjing), the city I love and feel to be greater than London, New Delhi or New York. I hope you will come to visit here one day, because it is a wonderful, huge city (30+ million inhabitants) with lots to offer. I will make multiple blogs about what to see in Chongqing, since there are sooo many beautiful places worth a visit!

 Jiefangbei. The heart of the city with its great clocktower memorial. Many expensive brands have stores here. Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Prada etc. (line 1 or 2, Jiaochangkou)

Ciqikou is a wonderful place with little alleys to wander and to see a Chinese opera (which is not opera the way we know it, believe me). Mind you, it can be VERY crowded here in the weekends. Great to buy souvenirs and see one of the many live music performances. (line 1)

Hongyadong. Just a ten minute walk from Jiefangbei is the old city centre Hongyadong. You can go downstairs to the “cave” or take the elevator with 20 other people crammed in, your choice. On the 4th floor is a foodstreet which sells spices, especially hotpot mix. There is a nice Irish pub with Tex-Mex food which is a great place to watch people while enjoying a drink.

Visit one of the humungus shoppingmalls. I suggest Mixc at metrostation Xiejiawan (line 2)or Paradise walk at metrostation shiyoulu (line 1), but there are many more good ones and you can wander around for hours. In the latter you can also find many virtual reality shops where you try some games or just experience the feeling.


Don’t forget to visit the zoo (line 2) if you haven’t seen Pandas yet.

People’s Square is where every night loads of people gather to dance. They form little groups with all different styles of music and dances. The three Gorges musum is pretty on the outside and quite interesting on the inside. In a very tacky but in my opinion hilarious way they try to show the history of Chongqing.

Nanshan, south mountain. The golden eagle and viewing platform. It can be a challenge to get a taxi once you’re on the mountain, but worth the hassle.

Next time a lot more places to visit, like I said, soooo much to see in this wonderful city!