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KTV, the most favorite entertainment for many Chinese. Not like us, being humiliated in front of a whole audience of strangers, but intimate in a room with just your friends. Each room has its own bathroom and there is room service if you want more food or drinks. The decoration looks like a fancy strip club, with mirrors, gold, lights and sparkles everywhere.

So, my friend was visiting from The Netherlands and I have to show her KTV, since explaining the concept won’t do. I invited all my colleagues and booked a room for 15 people.  9 show up, which is no problem, more beer for us! Oh, and fruit of course, gotta stay healthy… I bought one of the cheaper packages for around 30 yuan per person. This got us a few local beers each, a fruit platter, some nuts and dried fish, a couch for about 12 people and unlimited time in that room. You can buy more expensive packages that get you more beer, cocktails and Baijiu*


My friend and me start with the Spice Girls, “Tell me what you want…..” Next up is one of my coworkers with a Chinese love song. Then somebody else with another slow song and then, guess what? Another slow love song. Our turn: “Blurred lines….” shaking our hips, singing like there is no tomorrow. That was fun, next up, a slow Chinese love song and to mix things up a Korean love song afterwards. By the way: I don’t know what they do with those microphones, but even me, horrible at singing, sound half decent. Love it!

After we have repeated this routine a few times, most of the girls are leaving. Now it is only me, my friend and two colleagues, who have had a few beers. They are fun and are shaking their butts with us, laughing out loud when we play “Anaconda, I don’t want non unless you got buns hon…”.  And believe it or not….they still mixed in some slow songs.

Yep, they all take their KTV very seriously.

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Baijiu, local drink of 40% alcohol